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Aim Light Gray

Aim Light Gray

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"Aim" snow goggles are perfect for activities in the snowy mountains. Since it is a flat lens type, it matches any style and ensures a wide field of view, especially in the horizontal direction. Lens replacement using magnets is very easy. Visibility is clear even in the snow, and the silicone strap provides a comfortable fit, the frame is easy to fit even Japanese people, and the Asian fit is attractive. The strap is anti-slip and supports secure attachment.


  • A frame that combines the best aspects of circular and flat surfaces
  • Easy lens replacement with magnets
  • anti fog
  • high contrast lens
  • Silicone anti-slip strap
  • Spare lens (pink clear)
  • asian fit
  • Compatible with glasses
  • Helmet compatible
  • Adopts double lens
  • VLT: 22%
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